The periodic table and the octet rule

  • The periodic table:  Find out what the table is and what all those rows and columns and stuff mean.
  • A couple of periodic table PowerPoints:
  • The groups of the periodic tableAnother tutorial originally meant to be a chapter in a textbook.  It’s more in depth than the tutorial above, so if you want specific information about specific groups, look here.
  • The octet rule and periodic trends:  You’ll learn how the octet rule works and how you can use to it figure out how pretty much every element will behave.
  • The periodic table and periodic trends:  This is actually a chapter from a textbook I never got around to publishing.  It covers the same material as the other two tutorials, but is more entertaining (in my humble opinion).
  • Periodic trends:  A PowerPoint for those of you who love slide shows about electronegativity, atomic radius, and ionization energy!
  • Electron configurations:  It seems like these should go here, so that’s where I put ’em.  Learn how to write the long and short versions here.
  • Orbital filling diagrams:  Think of it as the long version of electron configurations.

Printable periodic tables:  11 periodic tables covering every trend you can think of.

Supplemental videos:  These videos are all over at the amazing Crash Course YouTube channel.  I didn’t make these, though I wish I did.

(Updated 10/13/22)

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