Sig figs, conversions, graphing

All the fun of significant figures and conversions without any of the calories! (updated 2-9-16)

  • Takin’ Data:  A general overview of the topics in the tutorials below.
  • Significant figures:  Chemistry teachers like to write “sig figs” on papers before writing “-1.”  Find out how to avoid this fate by learning about significant figures, precision, and accuracy.
  • Units and conversions:  Learn about SI units and how to convert between them.  It’ll be fun!
  • Drawing good graphs:  If you’re drawing a bar graph, hang your head in shame.  If you want to learn how to make a graph that will get published in the finest scientific journals (i.e. your lab book), read on!

Supplemental videos:  These videos are all over at the amazing Crash Course YouTube channel.  I didn’t make these, though I wish I did.

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