Reactions and Stoichiometry

Updated 6-7-22

Types of reaction and reaction products:

  • Overview of chemical reactions:  Some info from a book I never finished about chemical reactions.  Pretty much covers the stuff above.
  • Types of reaction:  There are several categories into which chemical reactions can be placed, and knowing them can help you to figure out how to predict the ways in which chemical reactions will operate.
  • Types of reaction Powerpoint: A nicer, more picture-filled description of the six types of reaction.  If the tutorial above doesn’t help, this just might.
  • Predicting reaction products:  This is really what that whole “types of reaction” thing comes in handy for.  Though this particular lesson usually doesn’t take up a lot of your school year, it’s actually one of the most important you can learn.


  • Basic stoichiometry:  Though this sounds hard, it’s really just a mixture of mole calculations and the unit conversions you’ve done earlier in the year.  Don’t panic!
  • Stoichiometry PowerPoint:  A quick introduction to all things stoichiometry.  It’s an easy read and will get you used to the main concepts.
  • Stoichiometry overview:  A chapter from a book I never finished.  Another way to think about stoichiometry, anyhow.
  • Percent yield – error PPT:  Did you do the reaction right?  Did you mess it up?  Through a knowledge of percent yield and experimental error, you can figure out how well you did a reaction.
  • Gas stoichiometry:  Think fast, hotshot:  What do you do if you want to make 34 liters of water vapor at a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 0.114 atm?
  • Solutions stoichiometry:  If you’re doing a reaction and need to find out how much stuff you’ll make using units of molarity, here’s the tutorial for you!

Supplemental videos:  These videos are all over at the amazing Crash Course YouTube channel.  I didn’t make these, though I wish I did.

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