Covalent compounds & Lewis structures

  • An overview of covalent compounds:  An overview of all of the topics below.
  • Properties of covalent compounds:  Find out how covalent bonding makes covalent compounds behave much differently than their ionic buddies.
  • Naming covalent compounds:  After naming ionic compounds, this’ll be a breeze!
  • Simple Lewis structures:  This method is guaranteed to help you figure out how to draw the Lewis structures of just about every covalent compound you’ll be likely to bump into.
  • Lewis structures of ions:  It’s like the last tutorial, except that ions have a few special rules.  No sweat – you’ve got this.
  • Resonance structures:  What they are, how to draw them, what they mean.
  • VSEPR theory:  It sounds awful, but it turns out that VSEPR theory really isn’t all that bad. An added bonus:  A flow chart that makes it nearly impossible to get it wrong!

Supplemental videos:  These videos are all over at the amazing Crash Course YouTube channel.  I didn’t make these, though I wish I did.

Updated 2-9-16

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