The people who made this possible

I want to take a moment here to thank some of the many people who have been kind enough to donate their time and/or resources to this website over the years: (updated 3-15-23)

Atom (a.k.a. Adam Goren from Atom and His Package”):  Atom not only let me use his picture for a silly joke about atomic theory, but also sent me an unreleased song that he never got around to putting out.  Very awesome!


Atom, sans package.

Scott Meyer (the mind behind Basic Instructions):  Over the years, Scott has allowed me to use a number of his comics for the cause of education.  My very favorite is a picture I used to hang over my desk at school:


Milo Aukerman (from the Descendents):  For no reason at all, Milo agreed to write the forward for “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Chemistry”, even though he works as both a biochemist at Du Pont and a musician with the Descendents.  Thank you again, Milo, for your help and for generally rocking out.


Matt Neuland of carsandwater, whose Red Hot Nickel ball has both enhanced this site and inspired me to burn things.  Thanks Matt, for letting me use a pic of your awesome destruction!


Audrey Dow:  Her kind financial support has helped to keep the site running.  Thanks!

The many people who have edited the site:  When something stupid finds its way onto the website, I hear about it from the loyal readers of this site.  Thankfully, they’re always tactful about letting me know, which keeps me from crying too much.  If you’ve told me that I need to fix something, I appreciate your having taken the time to get in touch.

My son, Steve:  He’s been kind enough to contribute the occasional feature “Steve’s Science News”, in which he informs everybody about upcoming awesomeness in science.  Thanks, bud.

My wife:  Though she doesn’t know much in the way of science, she keeps me both sane and healthy.  If you know me in person, you know that this is no small trick.

Most of all, I want to thank my bookie for not breaking my legs.  I appreciate the gift of continued locomotion, Morty!

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