Nuclear chemistry

Ever wonder what happens in nuclear processes or how radiocarbon dating works?  Even if you answered “no”, the answers are still here.

  • An introduction to nuclear chemistry:  What is it?  Will it kill you?  Seriously, will it kill you? Find out here!
  • Types of radioactive decay:  Part two in the exciting saga of nuclear chemistry.
  • Nuclear chemistry:  This is the old version of the nuclear tutorial and includes all that stuff I haven’t gotten around to with the ones before.  Don’t worry, it’ll be replaced with awesomeness soon!
  • Half-lives:  Your ticket to the world of half-lives, carbon dating, and even cute pictures of ducks!
  • Fission and fusion:  Learn about both, complete with instructions (with diagrams!) for building your own atomic bomb!

Supplemental videos:  These videos are all over at the amazing Crash Course YouTube channel.  I didn’t make these, though I wish I did.

Page updated 2-9-16

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