The periodic table

The periodic table:

  • Periodic Table Fun:  If you can’t tell an alkali metal from an alkaline earth metal, this worksheet can help! 
  • Periodic Table Practice Problems:  Pretty much just a random assortment of periodic table questions so you get an idea of the kinds of things we teachers think is neat.
  • Oxidation States and Charges in Ionic Compounds:  I know you probably haven’t started talking about ionic compounds yet.  However, this will greatly enhance your knowledge of the periodic table!
  • Groups of the periodic table:  The best table in the world, except for the one at Sizzler where they’ve got that all-you-can-eat buffet.  Man, I could go for some Sizzler right now.
  • Periodic Trends:  Electronegativity!  Atomic radius!  Ionization energy!  Awesome!

Updated 7-11-22

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