Tutorials to get you started

Before you panic about the chemistry experience, why not have a look at one of the tutorials below?

  • Why take chemistry?  Though you are probably taking chemistry because somebody is making you, it turns out that there really are good reasons for taking chemistry.  Let’s figure out how you can turn this mandatory experience into a good one.
  • Math vs. science. Everybody says that “math is the language of science.”  What in the world does this actually mean?
  • How to guess.  The test is in five minutes and you have no idea what’s going on.  With some luck, you can use the tips on this page to get a passing grade anyway.
  • Dealing with idiot teachers.  Do you have a problem with your teacher?  Do you feel like your teacher is incompetent, vindictive, or out to get you?  Maybe you should read this tutorial before complaining to your Congressman, the President, and the United Nations General Assembly.
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