The world of chemistry tutorials

If you want some chemistry tutoring, you’ve come to the right place.  There are a ton of tutorials to choose from, so click the category below to find the one you want:

Before the year starts:  Have you ever wondered why you should take chemistry or what you should do when your teacher is driving you crazy?  Have you ever wondered how to pass a test when you didn’t study?  If so, here are three tutorials to turn that frown upside down.

Experiments, data, and units:  If you want to be a chemist, you need to do experiments.  And to do experiments, you need to understand the scientific method, units, significant figures, lab safety, and unit conversions.  And if you want six tutorials to help you, look no further.

Everything about the atom:  From the history of the atom through our modern understanding, here are five tutorials to help you understand what’s happening.

The periodic table, the octet rule, and periodic trends:  Unless you’re at a really bad school, you’ve got a big periodic table on the wall.  Find out what it’s used for in these two tutorials.

Ionic and covalent compounds:  The properties and naming of both types of compound, as well as a fairly long discussion of Lewis structures and VSEPR.  In other words, the awesomest six tutorials you’ll ever read on this subject.

Moles:  You’ve probably heard a lot of ranting about moles lately.  Find out what all the ranting is about with these two vaguely fascinating tutorials.

Equations, reactions, and stoichiometry:  This is where things get real.  Find out how to deal with equations, how to figure out how to use them to describe and predict reactions, and how to do stoichiometry calculations.  Six tutorials!

Polarity and intermolecular forces:  These two tutorials help you to understand how the structure of a compound affects its behavior out in the real world.  (Note:  If you haven’t learned how to draw Lewis structures, you should review that first!)

Solutions, acids, and bases:  Four tutorials about our favorite thing in the world:  Dissolved stuff!

Gas laws and kinetic molecular theory:  If you’ve ever had a dog who ate scraps from the table, you already know way too much about gases.  I won’t say that these three tutorials will help the problem, but at least you can take your mind off of your troubles.

Other stuff:  Tutorials that don’t fit anywhere else, covering energy diagrams, nuclear chemistry, identification of unknowns, and types of solids.  Don’t feel bad:  These four tutorials are just as good as the others.



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