Moles & equations

Updated 2-2-16

Moles and mole calculations:

  • What’s a mole?  Aside from an ugly rodent, that is.
  • How to do mole calculations:  Grams, moles, molecules, and ions are all part of this engaging and exciting tutorial.  Brought to you by the makers of something that’s not as boring as that all sounds.
  • An overview of the mole:  Covers the material above – originally written for a textbook I wrote and never published.  It’s funnier than my usual stuff.

All about equations:

  • What’s an equation, really?  Everybody talks about chemical equations, but nobody really takes the time to explain what they are.  Here’s the explanation for those of you who have no idea what they’re supposed to mean.
  • Balancing equations:  Learn how to fill out all of those little blanks on the endless papers your teacher has been giving you.
  • Writing complete equations:  It’s not enough to balance equations – you also have to know how to add more information to make their interpretation easier.  Find out how to add the symbols of state and little Greek letters to your equations.
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